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Today was the day when i had to make one of my very rare and much dreaded visits to the hospital. While waiting impatiently in the waiting lounge that was pretty crowded, my eyes came to rest upon a melancholic woman.The woman with a small boy of around three in her laps, rocking gently and continuously, kissing her son at intervals, with teary eyes ready to spill out any moment and that she was dabbing continuously in her unsuccessful attempts to hide them from everyone. Suddenly a tear fell on her sons cheek and the little boy wiped the tear from his cheek and looked questioningly at her mother’s tears streaked face.That woman immediately put on her brave face and gave a smile to her son, and mouthed the words,’I am fine’ and again planted a kiss on her sons cheek.The son was comforted right away but i could not take away my eyes from the mother’s harrowing face.

Those few minutes, i kept on watching the woman and her son, my heart was overwhelmed with the sadness since i could feel that it had to do something with her son.I wanted to move and comfort that woman, but i realized that i will be short of words that will be required to comfort a mother.The realization hit me that it is so ironical that the thing that makes woman the strongest person alive also makes them the weakest person struggling to thrive- Her Children.

When a woman takes her journey from conceiving a baby to giving birth, from confronting their coughs and colds to protecting them from the evils, from nourishing them to nurturing them, she comes across so many milestones that turns her into a very strong female.A female who can face anything and everything for her child, who is ready to walk each step, caressing and supporting her kid-in good or bad.Her nightmares are getting a call from school that your kid is hurt or watching the clock tick by as the kid is late to return from friend’s house.A woman is strongest for her kid but she is also rendered weak because of her kid.She is a strong pillar of support for her children but that pillar comes crumbling down if tiniest of the thing happens to her children.

Now i am back home but when i remember the sad face of the woman whom i saw in hospital, i can still feel my heart going out for her.I can relate to her so well being a mother of two, i can imagine what she must be going through with her boy in her laps and the fear in her heart that something might happen that will snatch her boy away from her.But i also know that the way she was embracing her son, tightly, rigidly yet softly, she was trying to bring out the strong female in her, ready to fight the world for the betterment of her kid, ready to defeat even the gods trying to ploy against her and her life-her son and i also know that no one (not even gods) can dare to challenge a strong mother,as between a weak woman and a strong mother, later always wins.

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings

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