A Mother’s fabric: Weakest Yet Strongest

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Today was the day when i had to make one of my very rare and much dreaded visits to the hospital. While waiting impatiently in the waiting lounge that was pretty crowded, my eyes came to rest upon a melancholic woman.The woman with a small boy of around three in her laps, rocking gently and continuously, kissing her son at intervals, with teary eyes ready to spill out any moment and that she was dabbing continuously in her unsuccessful attempts to hide them from everyone. Suddenly a tear fell on her sons cheek and the little boy wiped the tear from his cheek and looked questioningly at her mother’s tears streaked face.That woman immediately put on her brave face and gave a smile to her son, and mouthed the words,’I am fine’ and again planted a kiss on her sons cheek.The son was comforted right away but i could not take away my eyes from the mother’s harrowing face.

Those few minutes, i kept on watching the woman and her son, my heart was overwhelmed with the sadness since i could feel that it had to do something with her son.I wanted to move and comfort that woman, but i realized that i will be short of words that will be required to comfort a mother.The realization hit me that it is so ironical that the thing that makes woman the strongest person alive also makes them the weakest person struggling to thrive- Her Children.

When a woman takes her journey from conceiving a baby to giving birth, from confronting their coughs and colds to protecting them from the evils, from nourishing them to nurturing them, she comes across so many milestones that turns her into a very strong female.A female who can face anything and everything for her child, who is ready to walk each step, caressing and supporting her kid-in good or bad.Her nightmares are getting a call from school that your kid is hurt or watching the clock tick by as the kid is late to return from friend’s house.A woman is strongest for her kid but she is also rendered weak because of her kid.She is a strong pillar of support for her children but that pillar comes crumbling down if tiniest of the thing happens to her children.

Now i am back home but when i remember the sad face of the woman whom i saw in hospital, i can still feel my heart going out for her.I can relate to her so well being a mother of two, i can imagine what she must be going through with her boy in her laps and the fear in her heart that something might happen that will snatch her boy away from her.But i also know that the way she was embracing her son, tightly, rigidly yet softly, she was trying to bring out the strong female in her, ready to fight the world for the betterment of her kid, ready to defeat even the gods trying to ploy against her and her life-her son and i also know that no one (not even gods) can dare to challenge a strong mother,as between a weak woman and a strong mother, later always wins.

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings

Parent & Kid Communication

Human beings have traveled huge distance of evolution from being Primates to Homo sapiens.Breakthrough in this journey apart from bipedal-ism, discovery of tools and fire was also beginning of oral communication.Earlier, the mode of communication was some specific sounds, expressions and gestures that led to development of oral communication in form of spoken words and later written communication in the form of pictures and cave drawings (letters and alphabets came much later).

Now the world we are entering is determined to reverse everything that has evolved and is learnt in thousands of years.The latest trend that is taking shape these days is the broken thread of communication between parents and kid or in modern terminology Wi-fi communication or 4G communication between parents and kids.

Blame it on ultra fast paced life of parents or over indulgence of kids and parents in smart phones, i-pads and many other gadgets that are being launched everyday,it is not uncommon to see the parents scrolling down their whats app backlog of past half an hour while their kid is trying to get across something important or vice versa.Or even kids sitting in their rooms and communicating with parents via whats app or some other messenger.

We may want to debate that how does being in rhythm with the technological developments effect parent-kid relationship, here i would like to elaborate that If we follow the development of kids communication skills from the time they are born, the pattern is somewhat similar to the development of humans from early men.They begin by expressing themselves with the crying -cry for being sleepy, for hunger, for need of love, then follows sound developments (Goo-Goo,Gaa,Gaa), then the ability to express via drawing pictures ,then the use of single words(water, food) followed by sentences. In each of these developmental phases, parents have an important role to play, be it listening and comforting their baby when they cry or deciphering the pictures they draw to understand if something is troubling them.

Communication is an important thing that kids start learning from their surroundings and more  importantly their parents.Their initial vocabulary, gestures, reactions are based on what they learn from their parents, their ability to express themselves, their outward nature, their reactions, inflections, tones are borrowed from their parents.They gain confidence from their small chit chat with parents and they also gain confidantes when they share their little secrets, fears, happiness and complaints with their parents.


It was the talk of yesteryear’s when the proud papa would make heaven and earth one to ensure that the first word that his 6 months old says is “Da-da” or Mamma would be busy teaching baby speak “Ma”.But now with most of the time kids spending in day cares,the parents hardly have time to teach their kids how to speak or draw or even listen to their school or day care stories.

The parents who have restrictive communication with the kids, may lead to a kid who has underdeveloped and ineffective communication skills and less confident in expressing themselves in front of others.As responsible parents, it is our duty that we have an open thread of communication with our kids to ensure that we raise up confident and responsible adults that will ensure that the same legacy is passed on to their kids and our prized possession of speech that we have gained after years of evolution is not lost forever.

Are we Truly Republic

Image Republic day

As the dawn of 69th Republic day of India approaches, the desire to know about the Republic day incites me to look into as I like to call it ‘Know it all ’ wonder of the present day-Wikipedia. When I started reading about Republic day on Wikipedia, glorified sentence like ‘26th January 1950 the constitution of India came into effect completing the transition towards becoming an independent Republic’ popped up. Reading this sentence, my mind took another leap and rewinds

itself to many instances that I have witnessed in past few months forcing me to think that do we really deserve to be called as Republic- a place where the supreme power is held by the people.

How can we be a republic if we have to think thousand times about how safe it for our kids to step out of the house and go to schools as some movie is being released, or how safe it for us as a family to go out for a drive without the surety of all of us reaching back home safely or even how safe our kids are in their second homes-their schools.

Apparently the supreme power has never been ours, it has either been the power monger politicians, corrupted administration , experts in making mountain out of mole Media or the super agitated unemployed youth of India who don’t even know the reason for their pelting stones and vandalizing the public property and terrorizing the public.

The commom man of India is too occupied in trying to arrange proper meals for the family while arranging for funds to send kids to the best possible school of the city with the hope that they come back safely without getting their throats slit or stoned by agitators and keeping the fingers crossed that someone in the family should not get so sick that they need to be taken to 5 star hospital where their savings will be IV’ed to the sick making them better and the better getting a stroke.

As I count minutes before our Republic day approaches, I try to find answer to my daughter’s naïve question that why we had to move back to India leaving our calm life outside and her innocent comment that mom we didn’t need so much of adventure in our life. I close my eyes to remember numerous Republic day parades that I had watched with my grandfather when I was small and remember the sense of pride that I used to get in looking at all those marvelously decorated, social and cultural diversity depicting floats, the hoisting of our Tiranga and our emotional tribute to our country in the form of Saare Jahan se Accha Hindustaan Hamara, I realize that there are few things that never change and few things that keep us attached to the country where we are born no matter how imperfect it is. The thigs that give us the sense of Belongingness , the comfort of being among our own , speaking the same language , celebrating the same festivals and above all being born in the same country- Mother India.

The only way we can make our country the Republic in real sense is to provide our kids with the same protected environment that we grew up with, inculcate in them the true meaning of Constitution and our Rights and Duties and nurture them to respect each and every fellow Indian’s views and opinions with the hope that our coming generations do not step out of the comfort of out country in search of calm and peace and we do not have to answer our kids innocent question ‘Why we had to come back to India’

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me and carving out the time amidst your busy schedules to share my opinions and thoughts.

Sneak peak in my life: Some people are awesome with spoken words and have capability to communicate their minds word to word, i am not one of them. The best way i can express myself is through written words and so you can call me an amateur hobby writer. I am a Bookaholic and read anything and everything that is even remotely related with fiction.With over 10 years of experience in dealing with organizational matters and human resources, my quest for understanding behind the scenes of the activities and behavior of people evolved and i had to find the way to express it the right way-hence Mindinked.

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